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Weight-Loss Marketing. Who to trust?

January 3, 2011

Oh no!  After wearing leggings, dresses and long cozy sweaters for the last few weeks, I was not aware until I put on my non-skinny jeans that I had put one a few holiday pounds. So,  needless to say I decided that my New Year’s resolution was to get those 5 lbs off and quick!

To the internet I went. First throwing out a tweet to my followers asking for tips. Stair lunges someone said, put lemon in my water, cut out the sugar, up the protein, try a detox pill, sit in a sauna… the tips kept coming. No wonder there is such a market for weight loss out there!


Bringing myself back to reality and not getting sucked into the advertising will now be my #1 resolution (replacing the lose 5 lbs quick). I know where I went wrong the last few weeks.  Too much sugar, gluten, and not enough trips to the gym are the culprits. Patience will be need to be my priority.  Tomorrow I will have my green tea, go to @LifetimeFitness and get myself back on track.

I support products and services that make us feel better, improve our health and add to our confidence! We just need to be smarter about our choices and not get caught up in wanting a “quick fix”. So, tomorrow the gluten is gone again, I’m back at the gym and will begin the new year with more balance, awareness and optimism.

How do we know what messages we can trust?  Who to listen to?  Who is accurate and trustworthy? The following people, places and things are some of my picks in the health and wellness industry. They give us choices and encourage balance. They don’t scam us, give us false promises or make suggestions that are unhealthy or dangerous.


Dr. Andrew Weil

Eat This, Not That (book)

Lifetime Fitness

Skinny Bitch (book)

Jaime Oliver (Food Revolution)


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  1. Katrina Hase permalink
    January 5, 2011 1:29 pm

    Speaking of what you can trust…”Skinny Bitch” markets itself as a diet book, but is actually a thinly veiled (pardon the pun!) diatribe about vegan philosophy and lifestyle.

  2. January 5, 2011 2:15 pm


    I think the underlining message with the Skinny Bitch book it to be more conscious about what we put in our bodies and understand benefits of a vegan lifestyle. I don’t follow everything in the book but was influenced on various points. I no longer eat red meat (don’t miss it at all). I trust the content that was provided but would agree that I initially bought the book thinking it was about getting Skinny! So point taken 🙂


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