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Top Business Branding 2011

December 30, 2010

Oh what a year it has been! Due to the economy, I had many clients who started their own businesses or transitioned to a new industry. Logo and branding requests, training on social media, product designs, and marketing guidance were among the many services I fulfilled.

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In the spirit of the New Year, I’ve put together TOP BUSINESS BRANDING must haves.

1.  Be authentic – Remember that you are your brand. If you are not truthful, you are presenting a false representation of your business. Perception is reality. Don’t get caught up in saying or doing what you think others want to hear. They will see through it eventually.

2.  Don’t Mix and Match – Are  your marketing materials consistent? Everything you put out there with your logo/brand should create an attractive visual presentation. Colors, fonts, images should all be the same and carry over from print and web to social media. There is nothing worse than inconsistency!

3.  Create an Experience – Generic marketing is out, experience marketing is in.  Consumers and clients demand and expect 100% from you, so you need to be prepared to dish it out. Know what you giving, do with style, grace and loads of personality. Think long-term and not immediate results. It’s better to create a positive experience and keep them coming back. You need your fan base.

4.  Find your Niche – What you do, sell, or provide does not appeal to everyone so don’t pretend it does. Find out who your end-user is and cater to them. Create marketing materials that are appealing to them, write content filled blogs, and determine services to meet their need. (I have discovered that my niche is small to mid-size businesses so I’ve created plans and services to meet their needs vs. larger corporations.)

5.  Explore and Connect – Successful business development and branding is achieved by creating a following. Remember that making connections, networking, and taking interest in other businesses and professionals is all part of expanding your own business.

6. Set your Goals – Don’t get caught up in being “perfect” or spend  hours comparing yourself to others in your field. That will only create insecurity and limit you from what you can achieve. Think of your marketing and business goals for the year. One thing at a time. Put your energy in and focus. The rest will come.

7.  Be Ready for Change – Our society is motivated by change. The next best thing is appealing. Although your business should be ready for change at any point in regards to technology, marketing, and trends, you should not compromise your brand in exchange. Small changes moving in a positive direction, exploring and connecting with your audience are the top priorities.


Happy new year to you and best wishes for success in 2011!

– Beth

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  1. January 2, 2011 2:08 am

    Great list! Happy New Year!

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