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The Social Media Cooler

December 8, 2010

It’s 6:30 am and @pacerpup is whining in her crate. The downfall to having our 65 lb yellow lab in my room is that I hear every sound and she being in close proximity, can see my every move.  I drag myself out of bed, pop open the crate and guide her to our fenced-in yard where she can do her business. I then do mine…which is by the way, making my coffee! First priority of the day.  Coffee in hand, I sit at the dining room table and boot up my PowerBook.  Let’s see what everyone is up to today!

Heading to the Water Cooler

As a marketing/graphic design freelancer, I operate out of my home office. This can be somewhat isolating and I sometimes miss the relationships with fellow co-workers. But, never fear, social media is here! Fashion tips from @fabuliss tech and industry news from @keithprivette #TweetnMeet with @ericamayer parenting/health updates from @marketingmamamn and fun conversation with bloggers @MollyinMinn and @sellabitmum fill that social craving.

Can social interaction make us more productive? I don’t know about you but my battery is recharged when I am interacting with smart and creative individuals. Whether it be through Twitter, Facebook or Linked-in, the ability we all have to connect with others at any time of day (and I’m a night owl) is addicting and fascinating.

Ultimately, we all want to be entertained. Which reminds me of a funny (or maybe not so) story of when I was in high school. One day, as my mother was going through the mail she became very upset. A $500.00 phone bill rested in her hands as she questioned me about the many recent phone calls I had made to a 1-800-teenchat. Late at night I would call then number and three-way with my friend Robyn. We wouldn’t even so much as participate in the conversation as listen and observe the social interactions. At .99 a minute needless to say this form of entertainment added up.

Social media serves many purposes. As businesses small and large continue to explore ways of gaining consumer loyalty, they are forced to get online and start listening. We as consumers have the ability to direct and guide them into making changes to products and services. Companies that do it right will soar while those that can’t connect, listen, and learn will sink.

The most popular question I receive from my clients who are entering the world of social media is “What do I say”?  My answer is always the same. “Say what you would say”.


Twitter is about interacting and not building followers >>

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Although more than half of all large companies claim to have a presence onFacebook and Twitter, less than 25% claim to have a clearly defined social strategy.

What do you gain by using social media? Either personally or professionally? Share your thoughts and comments!

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  1. December 8, 2010 5:56 pm

    I think I’ll enjoy watching your site. We have similar goals but with different track.

  2. December 8, 2010 6:44 pm


    Welcome! Thanks for your post. Hope you continue to find my blog useful and entertaining 🙂


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