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Not Oprah’s Favorite Things

November 24, 2010

First let me say, I am NOT Oprah….so there will be NO gifting of my Favorite Items this year. Maybe someday…but not today.

What determines our favorite things? What makes us fall in love with a product, celebrity, book, movie, person or item?  They are in a sense fulfilling a need or want and doing it effectively that we keep coming back for more. Thus creating brand loyalty.  What makes you try a new product?

With that said, I’m sharing my favorite 25 things!  A combination of items that I trust, am loyal to, and which fulfill a need. I encourage you to post and share your favorite things as well!

Beth’s Top 25 Things…

  1. Maroma Incense Leaves I discovered these at @WholeFoods Each box contains 4 each of two different leaf fragrances plus a ceramic incense holder for burning.
  2. Pillow Pets Someone gave my kids these last year and they sleep with them every night!
  3. Snuggle Socks from @relaxadaisical and Life is Good. The most amazing thing you’ll ever put on your feet! I sleep with mine, wear them around the house and they add extra warmth in the winter in my boots.
  4. Fingerless Gloves I was inspired after meeting with my client @FontandInk who had actually hand-knit her pair. I found mine at @Nordstrom Cozy, funky and I have my fingers free for working on the computer, texting or tweeting…always a must.
  5. LUSH Lip Scrub by @LUSHcosmetics
  6. Firefly Lane by author Kristin Hannah is one of my favorite books!
  7. Mrs. Meyers My favorite scent is the Geranium
  8. Mary’s Gone Crackers Gluten-Free cracker made with organic brown rice, organic quinoa, organic flax seeds and organic sesame seeds.
  9. L’Occitane hand lotion is one of my favorites! Made with shea butter it’s an amazing moisturizer.
  10. The Notebook (movie) Although I did read the book too but am a fan of the movie.
  11. #TweetnMeet with @EricaMayer get to know others while answering creative questions that Erica dishes out.
  12. Wii (ok, this is ONLY on my favorite list NOT because I play on this but because it entertains my kids!)
  13. Adage Advertising Age inspires me and provide loads of information in the industry.
  14. Women in Networking @MNWin I have been an active member for a couple of years and have met creative and inspiring women in all areas of business.
  15. Pacer (our dog) @PacerPup We were gifted her by our Aunt and Uncle when we attended the PACER benefit in May, 2010 she was part of the silent auction. Now 8 months old, she brings our entire family joy and keeps us on our toes.
  16. Bananagrams is a fun game for the whole family! Be prepared to be addicted. Better than scrabble!
  17. Fossil watches They are affordable, functional and have great styles.
  18. Epsom Salt For years I’ve been a fan of Epsom Salts. I put them in my bath. They are a great detox for your body and have other benefits.
  19. Coffee I could not live without my coffee! My favorite drink is a White Mocha Americano from @Starbucks with a splash of soy milk (just in case you ever want to buy me a coffee!)
  20. Bethenny Frankel because she has humor, is ambitious and very real. Natural food chef, author and real housewife.
  21. Keurig Although this could have gone under my coffee favorite thing it deserves its own category! Life changes. We love it.
  22. Shark Cordless Vacuum I know what you’re thinking, I’ve included a vacuum on my favorite things?
  23. Health Magazine and my US Weekly
  24. iTouch but wished I had bought the iPhone
  25. IKEA need I say more?

Whew!  I think I’m sweating…. as you can probably tell I could extend this list of my favorite things but for now we’ll stop.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season! Hopefully some of these items inspire you to think out of the box and try something new.-

– Beth

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