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Stimulate Your Right Brain

November 9, 2010

Driving in my car is where I do my best thinking. Allowing myself to just relax (yes, driving is relaxing as long as the kiddies are NOT in the car) my mind will “zone out” and my most creative ideas creep in. During the day with my hectic work and mom schedule, I am not able to generate anything other than tasks at hand.

Since I can’t live in my car (nor would I want to), I took this past week to come up with some ideas on how to stimulate my creativity!  I can’t guarantee these will all work but sooner or later one or two should produce some effect.

How to Get More Creative:

Visit a New Place: Ok, before you buy a ticket to Europe, what I mean is that you need to venture out of your normal routine. Visit a nature park, go to a baseball game if you haven’t been, try out an indoor water park. Whatever it is, just open your eyes to a new experience.

Go Back to Your Roots: Visit the house you grew up in, reconnect with an old high school friend or classmate, call up a teacher that inspired you.

Read, Read, Read: Whether it’s the newspaper, a magazine (my favorite source for inspiration), comic book, fiction or mystery, just do it.

Meditate: Well, this doesn’t work for me but might for you! I just can’t seem to shut my brain off long enough but many think that sitting in silence and relaxing and attempting NOT to focus does generate ideas and productive thinking.

Volunteer: Giving back not only makes you feel good and productive, but connects you with people you might not come in contact with in your daily life.  Get to know others, learn from them and appreciate what you have.

Observe: Find a place and just sit. Observe your surroundings, take in the sights, smells and sounds.

Write Down Everything: During all these unique experiences whether you’re visiting a new place, connecting with an old friend, etc. write it down. Jot notes, create a story of your experience and share with others!


“Don’t allow your work to be repetitive, boring and have no meaning!”

Since I always try to relate my blog back to business. I thought I’d share with you some businesses that “hit the mark” in their creative ideas.

Fashion Playtes (oh how I wish they had this when I was a little girl!) Design your own clothes. Let your imagination run wild.

Font and Ink is a company that creates custom invitations for events. What I love is the personable approach the owner takes in getting to know you and your vision. Or if you don’t have a vision, giving you ideas to work with.

Bubbly Paws is a self-service dog wash and Spa. I love this idea! They don’t open their doors to the pups until January but I’ll be taking my @pacerpup there with the kids to try it out.

Quirky is a web site dedicated to creative products. Their categories include shop, invent, influence and learn.You can have a lot of fun digging around this site. @quirkyinc

Business Week has created a site devoted to innovation and design. This is a great opportunity to get to know what other businesses are doing and get inspiration.


What inspires you?  Have a business that you think is innovative? Share your thoughts!

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