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Experience Counts

October 31, 2010

Deciding where to venture out with the family on a Saturday night for dinner is not always an easy decision when you have young children. What they’ll eat, whether they’ll stay in their seats, and then hoping that you too can enjoy your meal in peace, are all factors in the decision. So tonight, we took our family to Kobe, a Japanese restaurant serving sushi, and featuring Hibashi style dining, or as my kids say “they cook on the table”!

As we strolled up to the large doors of the restaurant, my kids peered towards the sky, their eyes scaling the large paintings on the exterior of the building. Inside the lobby area there was a small pond with real live goldfish, the largest they’d ever seen. Right away their excitement grew. During our meal, we sat watching our Hibashi Chef slather butter and various meats, vegetables and rice on a flaming hot stove. He incorporated minor practical jokes with the kids, pretending to shoot soy sauce at them, building a volcano out of onion slices and then lighting it on fire which the kids thought was “really cool”. This was money well spent I thought! The food was delicious, kids were entertained and I was even able to enjoy a hot sake.

The Volcano…

Every business can create a memorable experience for their customer. With a bit of creativity, humor and planning it can make all the difference. Connect with your audience, understand that people need a break from their daily lives. They want to relax, enjoy themselves and be entertained.

According to Strativity Group’s “2010 Consumer Experience Study: Customer Experience Delivers Profitability,” which surveyed more than 900 consumers, customers will buy more and pay more for those purchases as a result of a superior customer experience. More than 70 percent of consumers stated that they would increase their purchases with a specific company by 10 percent or more if that business delivers a superior customer experience. Nearly half of the respondents said they would be willing to pay a premium price of 5 percent or more to a business that delivers a superior customer experience

5 Elements Critical to Consumer Experience:

  • That the employees do their job with pride
  • That the employees use common sense
  • Employees are knowledgeable and empowered
  • Employees deliver services or products with enthusiasm and passion
  • That the employees act as though they make a difference

What can you do to improve your customer’s experience?  Share your thoughts and feedback.

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  1. October 31, 2010 3:19 pm

    Hi Beth, I think the 5 elements critical to consumer experience is certainly valid in any business that deals with customers. I can say those things definitely make a difference when I do business with someone, and it seems to be something that is rare these days! Thanks for a great article, I hope business leaders pay attention to your advice! Take care!


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