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Listen to your Gut

October 16, 2010

You know that gnawing feeling you get when you know something is just isn’t right?

I had that feeling a few months ago when I took @pacerpup to a 24/7 private indoor dog park.  We walked in and on sight it seemed as though the perfect place to wear out my pup and introduce her to other dogs. I met the owner of the facility, who seemed to be his own biggest fan! Bragging about how he rehabilitated dogs, how he was able to get his business #1 on Google search, he then put a few of the dogs on treadmills (which I found disturbing) to show me his training technique. While I stood listening to this guy rant and rave about himself and his facility, Pacer was playing and seemed content….that was until a bulldog pounced on her and needed to be yanked off.  I then realized that many of the dogs at the facility where being rehabilitated.  Did I need to expose my 6 month old pup to aggressive dogs, creating fear and uncertainty in her otherwise carefree disposition? NO!

Additionally, when the owner brought out a contract for me to sign in order to join this exclusive membership dog gym, I hesitated. “I’ll bring it home and review it” I said, NOT ignoring the nagging feeling in my gut (key to my decision). Needless to say, I did NOT join the dog gym and something about the experience just rubbed me the wrong way.

So, the other day when the paper arrived at our doorstep I took a double take. “Indoor Dog Park Closes” the article stated. The reason? Multiple city violations, failure to pay rent, etc. Keep in mind that many of the members of this dog park had signed contracts and pre-paid annual fees. I am SO glad I trusted my gut!


WATCH this Video for the FULL story on the Dog Park!

How to apply this towards your business?

10 Early Warning Signs of a Bad Client >>

1. Everything is “Easy” or “Quick”

2. Promise of Future Work

3. Unrealistic Deadlines

4. Questioning Your Rates

5. They Fired their Last Designer

6. You Don’t “Get It”

7. The Disappearing Client

8. They Require Spec Work

9. Disorganized from the Start

10. Trust Your Gut

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  1. October 16, 2010 3:33 pm

    Hi Beth, sometimes, many times actually, the gut is right on the money! Listening to my gut instinct has quite literally saved my life. Glad you didn’t lose out on any money!Take care

  2. October 28, 2010 7:13 pm

    when i browse videos on youtube, i always look for those videos with funny stuffs in it,-‘

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