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The “Pain in my Neck”

October 8, 2010

The pain started at the base of my neck…oh no, here we go. Down my neck past my shoulder and into my arm, like a speeding bullet of fire the burning came quickly but it’s now my reminder to me to take a break.  I am not in construction, I am not a professional gymnast nor am I stocking boxes at IKEA. I am just a marketing and graphic designer who after numerous hours at my computer now have a Repetitive Strain Injury: Also known as RSI, this workplace related hazard involves performing the same task over and over until the person performing it can no longer do it. Common types of tasks associated with repetitive strain injury are typing, writing, working a mouse, or bending up and down.

Fix the Problem!

Way to your work space more Ergonomic:

  1. Use your keyboard and mouse in a neutral position, leaving your arm close to your body (do not stretch out too far).
  2. Make sure your feet are supported and your body is facing your workstation
    (don’t lean-to the side or cross your legs — this was hard for me to fix).
  3. Put a pillow or small towel behind your lower back where it meets the chair.
  4. Stretch frequently and move around to avoid getting stiff.
  5. Follow the 20/20 rule: every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break.

More Tips: Computer, Keyboard and Work Station >>

Toasted Leg Syndrome?

Ok…sorry need to get control of my giggles.  I completely  understand the hazards of the job and am not in disagreement that putting a laptop on your lap can cause some damage to the skin.  I’ve felt that toasty feeling as well but I’m just in awe that someone came up with this name “Toasted Leg Syndrome.” If you’re not familiar with what this is read on…

Avoid Common Workplace Hazards:

Eye Strain: Constant focuses can cause your eyes to strain, become blurry and bring on a headache.  Try to increase your default font size so you are not squinting. Also, reduce the light.  You really only need 1/3 the amount of light that you would normally have in an office. The more light, the higher the glare on your computer screen and you eyes will have to work that much harder.

Carpal Tunnel: Repetitive motion, typing and using the mouse can cause the nerves and joints to swell and become painful.  Forty percent of work place injuries are attributed to carpal tunnel syndrome. Way to avoid Carpal Tunnel

Office Germs: This is a common problem when you are sharing your workspace with other employees.  Keep antibacterial wipes on hand …use on your phone, desk area, keyboard and mouse.

How to Combat Office Germs

By cbbknows, eHow Member

User-Submitted Article

The University of Arizona microbiologists measured bacteria in offices in a number of U.S. cities. They found that “the five most germ-contaminated spots were: phones, desktops, water fountain handles, microwave door handles and keyboards” says the Globe and Mail newspaper. According to the report, “the average desktop is home to 100 times more bacteria than a kitchen table and 400 times more than the average toilet seat.”

Read more: How to Combat Office Germs |

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