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My kid is a walking commercial

October 5, 2010

As I walk through the grocery store with my kids, they are walking commercials. My 5-year-old asks me when pointing to a cereal “is that a quality cereal”? Then my 8-year-old tells me I have to buy the specific brand of vitamins so I don’t develop a “heart condition”. Advertisers are smart, they know just how to get into the teeny tiny heads of our youth. It’s actually pretty annoying!  And I’m in marketing so I shouldn’t be complaining.

However, as I attempt to teach my family and encourage them to eat healthy and take care of our bodies since it’s the “only one we have” I am battling with Spongebob gummy treats, Oreo chocolate straws for milk drinking and the candy that is so prominently displayed right at check-out…exactly the time when us mom’s are so exhausted from the debates and demands we usually give in. Advertisers and product placement specialists are so smart! They know us and our kids so well!


Having a child who is Gluten-Free I am challenged with finding healthy yet “fun” options for my kids. I am so happy to see that our society is recognizing that there is a demand for better and healthy options. But more needs to be done.

You didn’t really think Chicken Nuggets were healthy did you?

Jaime Oliver shows what chicken nuggets are made out of…WARNING…this is gross!!!

How Marketers Target our Kids >>

In a perfect world (sample ideal ads) >>

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