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Join the Party!

August 6, 2010

Social media is a 24/7 party!  Many individuals and businesses are feeling the pressure to “join the party”. Yet, they might be hesitant. Why are they?  Let’s think about it.  Pretend one day, a friend or business acquaintance sends you an invitation to a party.  Before you might make the decision to attend, there are some questions you might seek answers to.  Where the party located and how will I get there?  Who do I know that might be attending?  What is the attire?  Are they serving dinner, appetizers or just cocktails?  Do I need to bring a hostess gift?  By the time you’re done getting answers to your questions, you make the decision to attend the party.  As you walk into the event and begin circulating around the room,  you realize there are many other scenarios that had not crossed your mind in the pre-planning process.  Such is true in social media.

If you wait for all the answers, make all the plans, considering all the pros and cons, scenarios, you’ll never make it to the party! Sometimes you need to jump in and just have fun, be yourself and figure it out.  However, it’s good to have some start-up information before you get out the door. Therefore I’m happy to give some basic 101 tips and suggestions that might help you personally and/or professionally in regards to social media.

Facebook 101:  Ten Things You Need to Know

Twitter: Overview

LinkedIn: How it Works

WordPress and Blogging

I’ll leave you with this thought…no one likes someone who attends a party and stands in corner observing.  Make sure you are an active participant.  Post a status update, share a story, comment on someone else’s post, post a picture, share a video, etc. It’s all about karma.  The more good you put out there, the more you receive.

Check out Dan Zarella‘s Science of ReTweets which has interesting stats on Twitter!

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